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Product Spotlight

DJ EXPO 2018 Highlights

August 17, 2018 I DJ NOW 0

The 2018 DJ EXPO may have featured familiar faces and brands, but the new venue location of Harrah’s resort and Casino in Atlantic City, proved to be a well-orchestrated move on the part of DJ […]

Gigs and Rigs

Custom Wrapped Dance Floor

August 17, 2018 I DJ NOW 0

DJ Hill came up with the perfect solution, when a bride wanted a white dancefloor, rather than a black. He decided to wrap the floor in white and add a custom monogram. Thank you, DJ […]

Gigs and Rigs

Enclosed and Prewired Booth

August 17, 2018 I DJ NOW 0

Enclosed and prewired booths certainly are a game changer, and make the set up and take down for events a little easier. DJ Dawson High is currently using an enclosed, and prewired booth, which means all […]

Gigs and Rigs

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

August 9, 2018 I DJ NOW 0

Magic Mirror Photo Booth? You read that right. The team over at JMG Entertainment puts a unique spin on the ordinary photo booth. A full length selfie mirror, captures photos using a reflective touch screen. […]

Gigs and Rigs

DJ-ing on the water at Summer Parties

August 2, 2018 I DJ NOW 0

  Beach Gig? No Problem! DJFreddy Lopez figured out how to enjoy the beach, while DJing at the same time. The shock from a Jellyfish sting is nothing compared to the shock from this setup! […]

A Beginner's Guide To DJ Controllers
Getting Started

A Beginner’s Guide to DJ Controllers

August 1, 2018 I DJ NOW 0

In this Beginner’s Guide to DJ Controllers, our friend, Arnoldo Offerman from Gear It First, takes you through the basic principles for using a DJ Controller. Prepared specifically for aspiring DJs who are just starting […]

New Releases

New – Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 Controller

June 28, 2018 I DJ NOW 0

  Beginners now get a true feeling of a professional system, with the newly-released Pioneer DJ DDJ-400; a unique 2-channel controller, designed to create a smooth transition from Beginner to Pro-Level DJ. By incorporating some […]

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