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Denon Announces the new Prime 4 Controller

January 17, 2019 I DJ NOW 0

BREAKING NEWS: Denon announces the release of the new PRIME 4 Standalone controller. Denon shared the news today of this groundbreaking technological advancement. The features of this new innovation certainly gives us a glimpse of […]

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Dancing on a cloud

September 28, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Dancing on a cloud for your first dance as husband and wife seems like a dream, or something that only happens in fairytales. This will bring the wow factor to any party. This is achiveable […]

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Essential Equipment for the Intermediate DJ

June 6, 2016 I DJ NOW 0

If you’ve gotten comfortable with a basic DJ setup and are looking to upgrade, there are a variety of turntables, mixers, controllers, and CDJs that can take your sound to the next level. Generally, intermediate […]