ADJ Spotlight: 5 Products to Expand Your DJ Arsenal

ADJ Zipper DMX Barrel Scanner

Founded in 1985, ADJ (formerly known as American DJ) has consistently been a high-quality source of DJ lighting and stage accessories for professional musicians. The Los Angeles-based company is also proud to serve iconic nightclubs around the world, such as
Tette Club in New York and City Nights in San Francisco. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite ADJ equipment, which can take your setup to another level.

  1. Zipper DMX Barrel Scanner:

ADJ Zipper DMX Barrel Scanner Featuring four LED lights and rotating barrel mirrors, this compact lighting system is ideal for a touring performance or small-scale venue. Although the device has 16 built-in settings, you can also enable Sound Active mode and sync lights to the music. It’s also easy to connect the scanner to a DMX interface and control the lights remotely.

  1. Event Façade:

ADJ Event Facade

For touring DJs who find themselves in a venue without a proper booth, the Event Façade is an elegant solution that can be assembled in seconds. The four-panel façade comes in black or white fabric, which can be removed and cleaned without special tools. When it’s time to pack up after a long night, the included carrying bag allows you to quickly store the façade and bring it to your next gig.

  1. Inno Pocket Wash:

ADJ Inno Pocket Wash

This miniature lighting device can pan and tilt with a 28-degree beam angle, allowing for some spectacular combinations of colored light and movement. It’s small enough for any mobile setup, but powerful enough to be used in a larger space, such as a bowling alley or roller rink. With red, green, blue, and white LED lights, there’s plenty of customization for this ADJ equipment, and it can be controlled via the onboard screen, a DMX setup, or a wireless remote.

  1. Pocket Spot:

ADJ Inno Pocket Spot

Similar to the Pocket Wash, but with one LED light instead of four, this compact machine is still highly versatile. Seven different colors and fixed GOBOs (patterned light stencils) can be emitted from the white LED source, along with a range of captivating effects. Strobes, shakes, and dim curves are selectable via DMX or a wireless remote, so you have full control over the light show.

  1. Pocket Roll:

ADJ Inno Pocket Roll

Finally, the Pocket Roll takes a one-LED setup to even wilder places, adding a barrel mirror to create swirling light formations. It keeps most of the Pocket Spot’s light features (besides its moving head), but has 12 built-in shows and high-speed mirror effects to boost the room’s energy.

Be sure to check out all of our ADJ products as well!


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