Q&A Sessions: DJ TonyTRIXX

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Q&A Sessions: DJ TonyTRIXX

Tony Alonso, aka DJ TonyTRIXX, survived the streets of Chicago, bullies, and haters. Determined to follow his passion, he beat the odds and found success. A cinderella story for the modern age. Tony Alonso grew up in a tough Chicago neighborhood, where daily verbal and physical attacks were so common, the odds of making it out alive or in one piece were slim to none.  But determined to prove the haters and bullies wrong,, DJ TonyTRIXX beat the odds to become a local celebrity, and now he gives back to the community that gave him his start.

I DJ NOW: You battled the odds, and you’ve made a name for yourself. Tell us about what it was like growing up in your neighborhood, and the oppositions you faced.

Tony Alonso: Growing up in my neighborhood was rough at times. There was a lot of gangs and people that had their own clicks and groups. If you didn’t join a gang or dress a certain way, or had the cool factor according to these people you were basically an outcast. A lot of times you would get bullied and just told that you were never going to amount to anything. Being called a nerd, four eyes for having glasses, among other very discriminatory names for being Latino were obstacles you were faced with. 

IDJ: Where did you get your very first break in DJ-ing?

TA: I got my first break in Djing through a friend in Chicago. He helped me play my first rotation gig downtown. Before that though since I began Djing at 11 years old I was getting practice doing family events and house parties. I was also doing high school events too.

IDJ: What are some of you biggest influences in music?

TA: I would definitely have to say that some of my biggest influences would be the Chicago legends such as Frankie Knuckles, Bad Boy Bill, Too Kool Chris, and DJ Trajic. 

IDJ: Which DJs on the scene today inspire you the most?

TA: I would have to say Kaskade, Zedd, and Tiesto are def DJs on the scene that inspire me the most.

IDJ: When it comes to the types of events you’re playing, what do you see as the latest trends in the events?

TA: I see different event themes, brand new state of the art lighting and sound. I also see new ways of connecting to our audiences by ways of visuals and creative advertising.

IDJ: What gear is your go-to gear? What equipment do you always have on you when performing?

TA: Defintely my V-Moda headphones. If there is no controller at the venue, I’ll bring my Pioneer DDJ-FLX10. And, of course, my laptop with a usb stick so I have all of my music on the go.

IDJ: What are some of the latest equipment pieces that interest you and why?

TA: I find the RCF sound systems very interesting due to their simple set up and small powerful output. I also find the Chauvet Gigbar+ILS lighting system very unique and possibly might be purchasing soon.

IDJ: If you had your dream setup, what would it include?

TA: I think it would be 4 Pioneer CD-J3000's with a Pioneer DJM-A9 4-channel mixer and two KRK studio monitors.

IDJ: How do you give back to your community and serve as an inspiration to others?

TA: I give back to my community by donating my time to help out food pantries, non profit thrift stores, and Djing for community events. I also mentor young upcoming DJs in our communities and helping them understand the music business.

IDJ: Are you becoming involved with anti-bullying groups and volunteers?

TA: I have been trying to connect with different programs in my local community. I hope to find different groups to volunteer with this summer which I am excited about. 

IDJ: What’s on the agenda for you over the next three years? Give us your Bucket list of places you’d like to perform.

TA: My agenda over the next three years would be to play at some of Chicago's legendary venues. I would love to play at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and maybe one day Coachella if possible.

IDJ: Any events coming up soon for you?

TA: I have various gigs booked at local nightclubs and venues. I also have an album release party with my label Rap-A-Lot/Trust Da Process in June.

IDJ: If you could summarize in one sentence / one phrase, a word of advice or encouragement to others who are experiencing the same kinds of obstacles that you experienced, what would it be?

TA: If I could summarize something for those experiencing the same obstacles it would be to never give up and follow your dreams!


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