Introducing the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 DJ Controller

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Introducing the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 DJ Controller

First Look at the DDJ-REV5 by Pioneer DJ

Introducing the latest addition to Pioneer’s line of DJ controllers, the DDJ-REV5! This scratch-style controller aims to offer an authentic scratch experience and includes several new and innovative features that are sure to enhance your creativity and put your open-format DJ performances over the top.

The DDJ-REV5 is a 2-channel DJ controller equipped with large jog wheels which, along with the high-quality MAGVEL FADER, helps to ensure that your scratching is precise. Keeping in line with the battle-style of the DDJ-REV series, you have your tempo sliders running horizontally above the decks. This is also where you will find unique Stems control buttons, allowing users to play or mute the Vocal, Melody, Bass, or Drums of any track which is great for live mashups and remixes. Performance Pads and Lever FX in can be found in the mixer section, the preferred layout for most open-format DJs. 

To help keep your mind on the music, the DDJ-REV5 features the first-ever Auto BPM Transition, allowing for smooth transitions between tracks with significantly different tempos. Simply choose your desired bars for your transition, press the button located above the respective deck, and the tempo of the track will gradually change to match the tempo of the track on the opposite deck.

The new Piano Play mode is another feature sure to spark creativity in many users. Like Pitch Play, DJs can use Piano Play and the 16 Performance Pads to trigger cue points in different semitones, only now the pitches are arranged in a way that makes the pads into a keyboard of sorts. You have your “white” keys on the bottom row and your “black” keys on top, giving you 3 scales to choose from.

In terms of connectivity, the DDJ-REV5 offers both stereo XLR and stereo RCA master output options, a stereo 1/4" booth output, a stereo AUX input, two Mic inputs (combi jack and 1/4"), and features 2 USB Type-C ports for PC/Mac, allowing for easy transitioning between DJs with the flick of a switch.

The DDJ-REV5 sees analog style coming together with advanced digital elements, all while celebrating open-format DJing and scratch culture, producing a DJ controller that is sure to inspire anyone who takes their place behind the decks. The Pioneer DDJ-REV5 is compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox.

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