ProX KT-F34SQ328 K-Truss 3.28FT (1M) F34 Economy-Lightweight Display Truss

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ProX KT Series F34 Truss is built to the highest standards of safety and performance. It's a non-structural display trussing system, rugged yet lightweight, and is a perfect trussing solution for light duty use at trade show booths, DJ booths, DJ Totems, architectural non-loadbearing designs, and much more. K Truss products utilize industry standard dimensions to be compatible to and connect with many other manufacturer's trussing. The ProX KT-F34SQ328 is particularly well suited for trade shows and light duty construction of display systems, as well as an event technology, and as a support system for lighter lighting fixtures. Due to its design appearance combined with a lower cost, it provides the ability for reduced load capacity designs with a standard truss appearance. This system is ideally suited from a simple exhibition display up to a complex trade show booth.

At the heart of the system is a square truss that utilizes a standard conical connector system, which easily mates with other brands of truss of the same size and connector style. It is available in a variety of lengths to suit your designs. It also works with different types of corners, base plates, connectors and accessories that add stability while expanding on limitless configurations. Note: ProX Live Performance Gear (XStatic Pro, Inc. ) is not responsible for improper use or overloading by end-users. Consult an engineer for specific applications. This product is not load rated by ProX Live Performance Gear and is not intended for replacement or substitute for any load-bearing truss segments.

ProX KT-F34SQ328 3.28FT F34 Lightweight Truss Features:

  • Tolerance Free Standard Conical connector.
  • Main tube wall thickness of .06in (1.5mm.)
  • Compatible in SIZE ONLY w/most major brands F34 Box Square Truss.
  • Not intended for replacement or substitute for any load-bearing truss segments.
  • Material: EN-AW T6-6061 Aluminum Display Grade Quality.
  • Constructed to the highest quality by certified welders.
  • K Series Trussing is a Light Duty Product primarily designed for display structures.
  • The KTruss load capacity is lower than the 2mm SQ series.
  • Engineering Drawings and Design Copyright 2019 by ProX Live Performance Gear.

KT-F34 Series Dimensions:

  • Width: 11.42in / 290mm
  • Height: 11.42in / 290mm
  • Main Tube: 2in / 50mm
  • Wall Thickness: .06in / 1.5mm
  • Braces: .63in / 16mm
  • Actual Height: 3.28 ft. (1 Meter) F34 4Tube Truss Segment

ProX KT-F34SQ328 Specifications:

To Fit
Compatible in SIZE ONLY with most F34 Box Square Truss major brands with conical connectors.
Not intended for replacement or substitute for any load-bearing truss segments.

39.36"L x 11.42"W x 11.42"H
Weight: 11.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
41.00"L x 12.00"D x 12.00"H
Shipping Weight: 12.50 lbs


Each KT-F34SQ328 Retail Box Includes:

(1) ProX KT-F34SQ328 K-Truss 3.28FT (1M) F34 Economy-Lightweight Display Truss

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