LED Magnetic Connect Floor

Simple Setup & Breakdown  

Magnetically Connects

Connect power, signal, and physical connection
  through a strong magnetic connection, as well as 
  an interlocking sequence.   

Standard and Custom configurations available.

Fast and easy to setup, breakdown, and transport. 

2 finishes to choose from

Bring the Dance Floor and the Party to Life with this complete Indoor/Outdoor MagnaFloor LED dance floor package by CLUTCH. Taking a cue from the classic dance floors of the popular disco era, the innovative technology of the MagnaFloor allows you to transform any venue with brilliant LED visual effects. Audiences are amazed by the colorful animated sequences while performers are amazed by the simple mechanics of its design. The MagnaFloor gets its name from the unique magnetic system which allows for fast and easy setup, breakdown, and transport. Simply connect power, signal, and floor tiles through a strong magnetic interlocking sequence. No cables!

Customize Your Look

Here’s what’s in every MagnaFloor Package

Magna Power Supply

Provides power to the MagnaFloor panels

Magna Controller

Built-in pre-programs or manually control your MagnaFloor

Magna IR Remote

Change patterns, fades, and speeds at the touch of a button

Magna Power Edge

Provides a clean ramp edge to border your MagnaFloor

Magna Corner

Completes the border edges for your MagnaFloor

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