Shure AXT600 470-952 MHz Wide-Band UHF Axient Spectrum Manager



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Defining a new class of RF management tools, the AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager delivers wide-band UHF spectrum scanning, spectrum analysis and compatible frequency coordination-all in a single rack unit. By scanning and displaying the RF environment, calculating compatible frequencies and deploying them to Axient receivers easily and efficiently, the Axient Spectrum Manager offers a sophisticated interface and precise information for allocating the best available frequencies to any number of wireless channels. For added flexibility in complex RF environments, the AXT600 also monitors and ranks a live list of backup frequencies-and can deploy them instantly and automatically when an Axient Receiver detects interference. Together with Shure Wireless Workbench 6 software, Axient Spectrum Management tools offer a rich graphical interface for viewing the RF world and choosing the optimal frequencies for all of an event's wireless channels.

Shure AXT600 Features:

  • Scans the global UHF spectrum (470-952) MHz in approximately 1 minute.
  • Backup frequency monitoring continuously evaluates backup frequencies in real time.
  • Backup frequency display quantifies backup frequencies ready for use by Axient channels.
  • RF signal cascade connects up to 5 receivers using 1 RF signal source.
  • Built-in spectrum monitoring tools provide visual and audio tracking of RF activity.
  • Scan data is directly matched to Axient receiver parameters and performance; the scan results are stored for later analysis.
  • On board frequency calculator generates compatible frequencies for all networked Shure wireless devices.
  • Frequency lists can be exported to the Spectrum Manager from Wireless Workbench 6.
  • Networked hardware programming simplifies and streamlines setup of multi-channel Axient and UHF-R systems.
  • Advanced user controls.
  • Adjustable threshold excludes frequencies above a selected noise level.
  • Known TV channels or frequency ranges to avoid can be input quickly and easily.
  • Viewable and editable frequency list.
  • Analysis of a modified frequency list to verify compatibility.
  • Backup frequency monitoring continuously evaluates backup frequencies in real time.
  • Backup frequency ranking evaluates the quality of backup frequencies and determines which are most viable for use.
  • Frequency list management maintains knowledge of all devices on the network.
  • On-demand frequency server delivers a clean, compatible frequency when a change is required.
  • Spectrum display provides a front-panel spectrum plot with Cursor, Zoom and Peak Find.
  • Backup frequency display quantifies backup frequencies ready for use by Axient channels.
  • "Listen" feature demodulates FM signals for headphone monitoring and displays real-time signal strength.
  • RF signal cascade connects up to 5 receivers using 1 RF signal source.
  • 2 Ethernet ports allow convenient computer and ShowLink Access Point connection.
  • IEC in/out power ports enable daisy-chaining of AC power.
The Axient Spectrum Manager is a powerful tool for calculating, analyzing and assigning compatible frequencies to wireless components. The Spectrum Manager scans the RF environment and uses this data to calculate compatible frequencies for all wireless channels found on the network. Networked wireless systems can be programmed from the Compatible Frequency List, while backup frequencies are continuously monitored and ranked according to quality. During operation, the Spectrum Manager deploys clear frequencies to receivers when interference occurs.

Wideband Scanning
The Spectrum Manager captures scan data for the entire UHF frequency range available for wireless audio. The scan is compiled using two antenna inputs, with sensitivity and resolution that are directly applicable to wireless receivers.

Compatible Frequency List
The Compatible Frequency List (CFL) is list of available frequencies that can be calculated, viewed, and edited from the Spectrum Manager or it can be generated from a computer running Wireless Workbench 6. The on-board frequency calculator can be adjusted to avoid specific TV channels, frequency ranges or RF signal above a specified threshold. During operation the Spectrum Manager provides current status of each frequency in the list. Clear frequencies are deployed from the compatible frequency list to initially setup a system or to replace frequencies degraded by interference.

Event Log
The Event Log records actions of the Spectrum Manager during operation. Actions include changes to frequencies and equipment controlled by the Spectrum Manager. Reviewing the event log after a performance provides a snapshot of system performance.

Backup Frequency Monitoring
The data screen tracks the status of all frequencies available for Axient systems. The number of frequencies is displayed for each band, including real-time status of in-use and backup frequencies.

RF Scanning
The scanning feature of the Spectrum Manager graphically plots the measured RF signal across the full frequency range. Cursor, Zoom, and Peak tools allow detailed inspection of the data.

Use the Listen feature to tune to a frequency and monitor FM demodulated signal using headphones. The data screen displays the signal strength for the selected frequency.

Networking enables many of the advanced features of the Axient system, including monitoring and control of remote devices. Rack components have two RJ45 Ethernet ports capable of 10/100 Mbps network speeds. The Ethernet ports are power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled to supply power to the ShowLink access point or other class 1 Ethernet devices.

RF Cascade Ports
The cascade ports allow sharing of RF signal with up to 5 components without antenna splitters or distribution amplifiers.

Video / Broadcast / ENG

Shure AXT600 Specifications:

RF Tuning Frequency Range
470–865, 925–952 MHz

RF Tuning Step Size
25, 200, 1000 kHz

Noise Floor (Resolution Bandwidth)
25 kHz: -110 dBm
200 kHz: -100 dBm
1000 kHz: -90 dBm

Image Rejection
>110 dB, typical

Spurious Response
<-100 dBm, typical

Ultimate Quieting
>90 dB, A-Weighted

44 mm x 483 mm x 366 mm (1.7 in. x 19.0 in. x 14.4 in.) H x W x D

5.5 kg (12.0 lbs)

Steel; Extruded aluminum

Power Requirements
100 to 240 V AC, 50–60 Hz

Current Drain (referenced at 120 V AC)
0.8 A RMS

Operating Temperature Range
-18°C (0°F) to 63°C (145°F)

Storage Temperature Range
-29°C (-20°F) to 74°C (165°F)

Scan Time
The Spectrum Manager scans the entire RF tuning frequency range in 64 seconds using 8 scanning modules in parallel. Scan time per 60 MHz may be less for specified ranges that allow scanning modules to work in parallel.

Maximum Scan Time per 60 MHz
Step Size 25 kHz: 48 seconds
Step Size 200 kHz: 7 seconds (Available only with WWB6 control)
Step Size 1000 kHz: 1 second (Available only with WWB6 control)

Connector Type

Unbalanced, Active

50 Ω

Maximum Input Level
-20 dBm

Bias Voltage
12 V DC, 150 mA (300 mAmaximum)

Cascade Output Connector Type

Cascade Output Configuration
Unbalanced, Active

Cascade Output Impedance
50 Ω

Cascade Output Insertion Loss
<5 dB

Monitor Audio Output Audio Frequency Response
40–18 kHz, ±3 dB

Monitor Audio Output Configuration
Unbalanced mono, 1/4 in. Output (will drive stereo phones)

Monitor Audio Output Impedance
50 Ω

Monitor Audio Output Maximum Signal Level
45 kHz max. deviation
1 W @ 63 Ω

Pin Assignments
Tip: audio +
Ring: audio +
Sleeve: ground

Power over Ethernet (PoE)
50 V DC, Class 1

Network Interface
Dual Port Ethernet 10/100 Mbps

Network Addressing Capability
DHCP or Manual IP address

Each AXT600 Retail Box Includes:
(1) Shure AXT600 470-952 MHz Wide-Band UHF Axient Spectrum Manager

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