Choosing The Right Snow Machine For Your Event

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Choosing The Right Snow Machine For Your Event

Snow is no longer just a winter thing. With snow machines, you can have snow all year round!

Snow machines are fantastic special effect devices that use snow fluid to make artificial snow. They are able to produce everything from a modest dusting to an intense blizzard. Ranging from smaller, consumer-grade machines to larger, commercial-grade units, the variety of snow machines currently on the market means you're definitely going to be able to find one that not only fits your budget but is capable of delivering the type of snowfall you want for your production or event. Most people tend to associate snow machines with the holiday season, but there are countless ways to incorporate them into your scene settings. You can use them for a wide variety of applications such as:

Retail Window Displays, House Parties, Lawn Displays, Weddings, Graduations, Theater Scenes, School Events, Proms and Dances, Themed Events, Photo Ops, Concerts, Festivals

Most systems are easy to setup, operate, breakdown and maintain for optimal performance. When selecting a snow machine for your event, there are a few key points to consider:

1. Your budget
2. The dimensions of the area you intend to cover
3.The desired effect/accumulation rate
4. The length of operating time, and replenishing supplies.

The important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a snow machine is will it fit your needs and deliver the type of atmosphere that you’re looking for. Let’s look at a few different models that may help you set the scene for your event.

Machines used in the video (in order of appearance):  ADJ VF Flurry  |  Magmatic Crisp (Elation Professional)  |  Antari S-500  |  Antari S-600

ADJ VF Flurry

Ideal for smaller applications and users new to snow machines, the ADJ VF Flurry is an easy-to-use snow machine with a built in 1 liter tank. You could probably get somewhere around 15-25 minutes of continuous use depending on your settings. It’s also important to note that these smaller machines don’t cover as much ground as bigger machines. The VF Flurry can reach anywhere between 6 and 16 feet. While the small size and portability are a definite plus with this machine, you’re limited when it comes to adjustments. This machine has two settings for minimum and maximum volume, which determines snowflake size, and the wired remote allows you to adjust the snow output volume. You'll also find a snow fluid level indicator on the back, making it easy to know when you've got to refill.


Magmatic Crisp (Elation Professional)

If you're dealing with larger events such as weddings or club gigs, the Magmatic Crisp snow machine is a great mid-level snow machine that can hold up to 5 liters of snow fluid and reach distances of up to almost 40 feet. Plus, it’s designed for silent operation, making it ideal for noise sensitive environments. Machines like this will usually provide about 10 minutes or so of continuous snowfall at full output but, considering how powerful they are, you’ll rarely have to move up to full output. You can adjust the settings on the Crisp via the LCD touch screen on the back, which allows you to adjust things such as snow output, fan power, and duration and interval adjustments. Some adjustments are more flexible than others. While the snow output can be set anywhere from 1%-100%, the fan power can only be set at either 50% or 100%. Wired and wireless remote control are sold separately, and you have the option to use DMX-512 control as well.


Antari S-500

Great for large productions such as theater productions and concerts, the Antari S-500 is designed not only for silent operation, but also creative placement. The nozzle, unlike other machines, is attached via a 30 ft hose, so you can actually mount the nozzle on a pole or truss and keep the machine itself on the ground. The Antari S-500 comes with a 20-liter tank and the main body is built into a road case for easy transportation, protection, and the blower offers extremely high output and produces a powerful stream of artificial snow. The S-500 is capable of covering great distances and an optional PM1 pan motor for the nozzle can distribute the snow up to 120 degrees. The S-500 also offers DMX control, as well as optional wired or wireless remote controls. You'll definitely be able to cover a lot of ground with the S-500. Antari also offers the S-500L, the same snow machine with a slightly larger road case and an extra-long 60ft hose.


Antari S-600 Yeti

With a much more powerful fan and blower, the Antari S-600 Yeti is able to deliver its snow much wider and much further. With a throw of up to 60 feet, this pro level snow machine can easily cover most outdoor applications and would be great if you wanted to turn a festival or a theme park into a winter wonderland. The S-600 Yeti includes a wireless remote and DMX-512 functionality, with a wired remote sold separately.


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