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Theater Productions

January 15, 2019 Christina Menendez 0

Where else can you find all the elements of a night club, without actually being in a night club? At the theater, of course. It’s where all the same elements of a nightclub come to […]

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January 15, 2019 Christina Menendez 0

Uplighting has the ability to change the vibe of the party/event in a split second. All it takes is a little color to liven up the party and transform your ordinary room into an entirely […]

Gigs and Rigs

ProX LumoStage Acrylic Platform Riser

December 5, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

ProX LumoStage Acrylic Platform Riser is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a durable, dependable, and affordable riser.  The riser has a surface area that is smooth enough to dance on; yet is, sturdy and rugged […]

Gigs and Rigs

Projection Mapping

December 3, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Projection mapping is an interesting piece of projection technology. This gives DJ’s the ability to turn objects into a display surface for videos. This is a unique piece of technology to bring into a wedding, […]

Gigs and Rigs

Holiday Projections

November 30, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Holiday Projections are the perfect way to bring any party or event to life. The holiday season is the perfect time to play with different projections. Falling snow is a perfect projection for the holiday […]

Gigs and Rigs

Holiday Party Set Ups

November 26, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Holiday Season celebrations means big business for DJs and entertainers. This is when we “pull out all the stops”, whether be it a small get together with family and friends, or a larger corporate gathering, […]

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Wedding Tip

November 6, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

An easy wedding tip for any engaged couple looking at venues and DJ’s for their wedding would be to always ask the DJ for an example of what their DJ booth set up looks like. […]

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Holiday Parties

October 19, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Holiday parties are a given during the holiday season. Whether it be friends, family, or work related, almost everyone is invited to them, or throws them. Holiday parties bring together those you care about, and […]

Gigs and Rigs

Vizi Hybrid 16RX Set Up

October 15, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Vizi Hybrid 16RX set up is a crowd pleaser. It is a true spot/beam/wash hybrid moving head fixture. And offers plenty of professional features. It offers a powerful output, an even spot field, and is […]

Gigs and Rigs

Indoor Fireworks

October 8, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Indoor fireworks is one way to enhance an event. They can add the wow factor, whether it be using them during grand entrances, special dances, or through out the course of the event. Guests will […]

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