Set It and Forget It with the Chauvet DJ GigBAR Move + ILS

Presenting the new and improved GigBAR Move + ILS from Chauvet DJ!

Not only has Chauvet integrated their ILS technology into the GigBAR Move, but they have also made significant improvements to some of its key features. Here’s everything you need to know about ILS and the new GigBAR Move!



What improvements have been made to the GigBAR Move + ILS?

Compared to its predecessor, the new GigBAR Move + ILS has not only been integrated with ILS technology to act as the brains of the ILS system, but it has also received additional upgrades that make it superior to the original GigBAR Move. On the new GigBAR Move + ILS you will find brighter RGBW+UV pars, powerful 32-watt moving heads with updated housing, RGBW derby fixtures, 5-watt strobes with lenses that produce tighter beams, and an RGB fat beam laser on top. The GigBAR Move + ILS is an eye-catching, all-in-one lighting option that is sure to impress as a standalone unit. Combine it with other ILS light fixtures and you’ll be able to offer up an amazing light show at the drop of a hat.



What is ILS?

ILS stands for Integrated Lighting System and is a fantastic solution for those of us who lack the time or knowledge to properly program a full light show. Using the GigBAR Move + ILS as the brains of the operation, you can link up other Chauvet ILS fixtures via DMX or D-Fi connectivity and have a fully coordinated light show in minutes. ILS is not intended to replace DMX programming, but simply offer an alternative to those of us who need great lighting in a pinch. With Chauvet integrating ILS technology into their other lighting products such as their Kinta and SlimPAR fixtures, you’ll be able to arrange a unique light show for any event.

Check out the Chauvet DJ GigBAR Move + ILS, as well as other ILS light fixtures, now available at IDJNOW.

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