Numark Spotlight: 4 Cutting-Edge DJ Products to Shape Your Sound

Numark NV DJ Controller

Founded in 1971, Numark has always focused on pleasing DJs first. Over the years, the company has designed turntables, mixers, controllers, and various audio gear with a DJ’s needs in mind, so we’re proud to carry the latest Numark equipment at I DJ Now. The Rhode Island-based manufacturer continues to innovate with DJ controllers and unconventional speaker designs, and here are some of our favorites:

  1. NV DJ Controller

Numark NV DJ Controller

For serious DJs who have fully crossed over into the digital realm, this Serato-ready controller is one of the most robust options on the market. With two color displays built into the device, you can focus on controlling the music and keep your eyes away from the computer screen. In fact, you don’t even need your laptop open while performing, so the NV combines the benefits of a CDJ system and a MIDI controller. The machine is capable of playing four decks that are cued up with touch-responsive platters and 16 trigger pads. In short, it’s a remarkable piece of hardware.

  1. Mixtrack Pro III DJ Controller

MixTrack Pro III NumarkAimed at a more casual DJ, the Mixtrack Pro III removes the NV’s color displays and pares down the mixer to two decks, but keeps many of the top-tier model’s other features. With 16 performance pads, two touch strips for track cueing and FX control, and high-quality metal jog wheels, this all-in-one controller is portable and powerful.

  1. NS7III DJ Controller

numark-ns7-iiiFinally, the NS7III takes a premium approach to its controller design, with a sturdy metal construction, three hi-resolution color screens, and two motorized platters. In this case, the third color screen is used to view your track library or match beats with stackable waveforms. This rugged piece of Numark equipment is geared for serious clubs and professional users, but also intuitive enough for aspiring DJs.

  1. Lightwave Powered Speaker


The Lightwave heralds a new product category for the Numark brand: the LED speaker. Two built-in arrays of light add some visual panache to your music, but eliminate the need for a separate lighting device. With five lighting modes, brightness controls, and (since it’s a speaker, we should probably mention) 200 watts of peak power, the Lightwave is ideal for house parties or a small stage setup.


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