First Time Spinner | A Beginners Guide to DJing

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Since the early 20th century DJs have played a pivotal role in musical entertainment cueing up beats and hit songs to captivate listeners worldwide. From the introduction of the first analog turntable in 1909, to the adoption of the two-turntable setup in 1955 learning how to run the gear has been just as important as selecting which tracks to amplify. If you are an aspiring DJ our infographic entitled, First Time Spinner | A Beginner's Guide to DJing, will get you pointed in the right direction. Ideally, you’ll want to invest in a two-turntable setup that features high-quality sound, USB inputs, and direct drive motors, which allow you to scratch or pause the record player while spinning. A decent mixer will be brain of whichever turntable setup you choose to go with, allowing you to control the gain or input level, cross fade tracks, and isolate frequency bands for additional tone shaping capabilities. For digital enthusiasts you’ll want to invest in an external hard drive, a laptop with at least 2GB of RAM, 25 GB of Hard Drive space, and 2 or more USB connections. DJ software will act as your essential interface to use with your laptop to sync up music. DJ Controllers simulate a set of classic analog turntables equipped with everything you need to deliver an electrifying performance. Of course, I DJ NOW is a great resource for all your aspiring DJ needs. Check out the infographic below for more info, or click here to view our latest DJ packages sold exclusively through Click on the image to zoom in! Beginner's Guide to Djing
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