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The new and innovative way to control your dj lightshow 

Chauvet DJ SoundSwitch 

Watch Geoff from CHAUVET DJ and Matt from SoundSwitch as they present the incredible light show during DJ EXPO 2017 (Video 1).



You don’t need to be a professional lighting designer and programmer to have a professional looking light show for your Live performances.


Live Sound-Activated Lighting shows are now almost as simple as “plug-n-play” with the breakthrough technology from SoundSwitch and CHAUVET DJ.


This unique software system, encased in a unassuming small black case fits in the palm of your hand. But don’t underestimate its power.  Soundswitch allows you to create beautiful DMX lighting displays, and synch the effects with your live music, in time with audio files when played back live inside Serato DJ.


DJs and lighting designers now have the ability to seamlessly sync lighting visuals with live audio. 


Now with Soundswitch you can create customized lighting effects and cues alongside, and in time, with music files. 


Easy-to-operate, the Timeline Editing Tools are familiar to anyone with experience using audio or graphic design software.  


SoundSwitch gives DJs the tools to create their own lighting displays and the connection to play these back without compromising the freestyle nature of their live performance. 


The effects keep in time with the beats of your songs and even change patterns and rhythms based on the mood and tone of the tunes being played.


Lighting and Sound have come together in a brilliant way through the technology of Soundswitch.


Sal From I DJ NOW Takes You Through How To Work The SoundSwitch (Video 2):

Then connect your DMX cable to your SoundSwitch interface. Now connect your DMX cable to your lights

Make sure to match your DMX address both on your program and your light fixture Also be sure to set your channel on your fixture for the most control

SoundSwitch uses your existing music library, simply load a song into SoundSwitch and you can start programing your light show.

SoundSwitch saves all this data directly to the meta tag of your music. Every time you play that song, SoundSwitch remembers it and plays the light show to the music.

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