ProX X-MOBICP18 Mobi-Buddy Hands-Free Mobile Device Clip Kit with Stand & Case

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The ProX Mobi-Buddy X-MOBI CP18 is a unique, Hands-Free Mobile Device Clamp kit that fits Apple iPhone, iPod, other Android Devices, GoPro Hero4 Camera, and Audio Field Recorders. It has a secure clamp that fits devices from 1" to 4" in width/length. The kit includes the device clip, a posable 15.5" gooseneck pole, a folding steel base along with clamps that fit speaker stands, microphone stands, and other round devices. There is also included a universal surface clamp that will fit on a desk, road case, or other flat surfaces. All of this is contained in a durable carry case with pre-cut foam interior.

This exclusive Mobi-Buddy from ProX is a revolutionary product that has been long needed by DJs, sound technicians, performers, and anyone else that needs a secure and flexible way to mount their mobile device or tablet for easy viewing or for positioning a camera or other device in a secure manner. This and the larger X-MOBI CP20 kit will be very useful for Podcasters/Vloggers, Musicians (Mounts to microphone stands, drum kits, keyboard stands, and much more.) Videographers, Photographers, Sound Engineers, and Lighting Technicians will especially enjoy the ability to position devices for easy use why freeing up a hand or two.

ProX X-MOBICP18 Mobi-Buddy Mobile Device Clip Kit Features:

  • Device/Phone Clip.
  • 15.5" Gooseneck Flexible/Poseable Pole.
  • Folding Steel Base.
  • Dual Mounting Clamps.
  • Fits Mobile Devices from 1" to 4".
  • Custom Storage Case.

ProX X-MOBICP18 Specifications:
To Fit
Fits Apple iPhone, iPod, and Other Android Devices, GoPro Hero Camera, and Audio Field Recorders.

ProX X-MOBICP18 Dimensions
13.50"L x 9.00"W x 3.50"H
Weight: 3.50 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
14.00"L x 9.50"D x 4.00"H
Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs


Each X-MOBICP18 Retail Box Includes:
(1) Mobile Device Clip
(1) Posable 15.5" Gooseneck Pole
(1) Folding Steel Base
(1) Universal Surface Clamp
(2) Clamps
(1) Durable Carry Case

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