Pioneer DJ Toraiz Squid Multitrack Sequencer


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Meet the Squid, the new multitrack sequencer in Pioneer's Toraiz production series. Connect all your instruments, unlock limitless creativity, and create unique phrases at the touch of a button.

Take control of your workflow and make new styles of music with the SQUID. Named for the blend of functionality and creative stimulation it offers, the Squid (SeQUencer Inspirational Device) is a brand-new multitrack sequencer in Pioneer DJ's Toraiz series of musical instruments and production gear. Connect all your instruments to use the Squid as the heartbeat of your studio and live setup, and get hands-on with innovative features never seen before on this kind of equipment. It's easy to start making unique sequence patterns and phrases as soon as you hook the Squid up to your instruments. The layout of the controls is optimized so you can effortlessly bring your ideas to life whenever inspiration strikes, and the workflow is perfect for on-the-fly music production. All this means you can spend less time looking at the unit's display and more time creating music. With the first Groove Bend feature ever seen on a production tool, 1 you can really feel the groove and generate original rhythms in real time by simply moving the spring-loaded slider to change the trigger timing. Use Running Direction to create different phrases by changing the playback direction of sequence patterns you've programmed on the 16 pads and fluctuate the playback speed of sequences whenever you want using Speed Modulation. All of these features contribute to a fresh, nonlinear way of making music that breeds creativity and helps you stumble across things that sound great.

When you've created a phrase you love, you can use the Squid Manager to back it up, along with all your projects. Squid Manager is a free dedicated application that enables you to quickly import/export sequence patterns between the Squid and a PC/Mac. Reaching out into your setup, the Squid simultaneously controls up to 16 instruments with its master pulse. It keeps everything in sync, from your DAW to hardware instruments such as the Toraiz AS-1 monophonic analog synthesizer and the Toraiz SP-16 professional sampler. You can even run modular synths and vintage drum machines/synths seamlessly alongside your other kit. The Squid fits perfectly into any studio or live music environment and helps you turn your ideas into music. It's the third product in the Toraiz series, which offers inspiring tools with unique features you can easily use to create new sounds.

Pioneer DJ Toraiz Squid Key Features:

  • Intuitive workflow - Have fun creating phrases by tapping the 16 multicolored LED rubber pads in the Step Edit section. Set step parameters and play live as if the pads were keys on a keyboard. Combine various sequence functions such as Interpolation and Harmonizer to help build your sounds.
  • Arrange phrases in real time - Rearrange phrases you've created in the Step Edit section to craft your ideas the instant they spring to mind. Enhance your sounds with performance features, such as Running Direction, Speed Modulation, and Groove Bend.
  • Save your "Happy accidents" - The Squid records performance information in the background so you'll never lose phrases you create accidentally. When you're experimenting and hear something you love, use the Time Warp feature to recall and save it as a sequence pattern for your next track.
  • Connect various instruments - The Squid has a USB B terminal, MIDI terminals, 2 sets of CV/Gate outputs, and Clock and DIN Sync input/output terminals. This means you can combine the power of your DAW with modern, modular and vintage synths, as well as drum machines. Signals are converted automatically.
  • Import and export fast - Quickly transfer sequence patterns, projects and Midi clips between the Squid and your PC or Mac with the Squid Manager function. Easily import a sequence pattern created on your DAW to the Squid, instinctively arrange it using the sequencer's features, and return it to your DAW.
The Heartbeat of Your Setup
Unlock limitless creativity with the Squid multitrack sequencer. Part of our Toraiz series of musical instruments and production equipment, this inspiration tool will be the heartbeat of your studio and live setups. The Squid will control your workflow and give you the chance to develop new styles of music as you create unique sequence patterns and phrases at the touch of a button. Connect, sync and simultaneously control up to 16 instruments via its multiple input/outputs. The terminals are compatible with various equipment, from your DAW and hardware instruments to modular synths, vintage synthesizers and drum machines.

Perfect for on-the-fly music production, the layout and controls are effortless to navigate so your ideas will come to life the moment inspiration strikes. This production tool enables you to randomize sounds, sequences, and drums - all in key. Access endless polyrhythmic-looping options and instantly change the playback direction and speeds. With the world-first Groove Bend feature, you'll really feel the groove as you generate original rhythms in real time. And by controlling everything in one place, you can focus on developing phrases.

About Toraiz
In 1994, Pioneer released the world's first single CD player for DJs. Since then, they've been fanatical about using state-of-the-art technology to develop groundbreaking products for the music entertainment industry. Pioneer believes DJs are performing artists, not just people who play records. Touching the controls of a CDJ or mixer is like hitting the keys of a piano - the crowd feels your creativity instantly. For many years, they wanted to help people make their own music and inspire audiences by playing it live. Their mission was to use their technological expertise to make products that could help artists quickly realize their creative vision and deliver their own sound to listeners. The name Toraiz is coined from various translations of the word "triangle." Just as a triangle connects three parts, the Toraiz series blends three elements: making music, playing it live, and delivering it to listeners. All three elements combine seamlessly in one process that allows artists to turn their ideas into songs.

Pioneer DJ Toraiz Squid Specifications:
Width14.76 in
Height8.81 in
Depth2.84 in
Weight4.19 lb
Included Accessories
  • AC adaptor
  • Power cord
  • Quick Start Guide
Maximum number of tracks16 tracks
Maximum number of patterns per track64 patterns
Maximum number of steps per track64 steps
Step resolution
  • Quarter note
  • Eighth note
  • Sixteenth note
  • Twenty-fourth note
  • Thirty-second note
Maximum number of notes per step8 notes
Maximum number of projects128 projects
USB1 USB B port

Each Toraiz Squid Retail Box Includes:
(1) Pioneer DJ Toraiz Squid Multitrack Sequencer
(1) AC adaptor
(1) Power cord
(1) Quick Start Guide

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