IK Multimedia MON-PRECISION-MTM-IN Hand-Crafted 5" MTM Reference Monitor with Room Correction and Monitor Emulation



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The new Precision Series monitors build on the successful iLoud Series with several design improvements. Right away, you'll notice they sport an all-new new cabinet design with sturdier build quality and a refreshed visual aesthetic. While the iLoud Precision MTM follows the same symmetrical dual-woofer design as its predecessors, the iLoud Precision 5 and 6 sport a more traditional look with a single woofer in a compact form factor. The iLoud Precision MTM's dual 5-inch woofers and 1.5-inch chambered textile dome tweeter provide flat frequency response within 2 dB from 45 Hz to 30 kHz and low-frequency extension all the way down to 35 Hz at -4 dB. The iLoud Precision 5 and 6 feature 5- and 6.5-inch woofers respectively, and all models achieve exceptionally linear phase characteristics above 150 Hz. The custom Class-D amplifiers in each speaker provide 175, 150 or 135 W RMS power (depending on the model) for impressive output. All monitors need to be calibrated to your mixing environment for optimal performance, and the iLoud Precision Series' DSP-powered Automatic Room Calibration (ARC) and included measurement mic make this process painless. The X-MONITOR control app for Windows and Mac OS adds additional functionality including before-and-after ARC frequency response curves, extended Acoustic Space options and advanced speaker emulation that voices your speakers to sound like some of the most iconic studio monitors. Each speaker features easily accessible, LED-lit controls on the back that make it easy to adjust volume, Acoustic Space EQ settings, ARC controls and low-frequency extension (including settings for full range, 35 Hz, 50 Hz, 65 Hz and 80 Hz). An optional remote control lets you mute and dim your monitors, quickly switch between speaker voicings or turn ARC on and off-all without leaving the sweet spot of your mix position. Each iLoud Precision monitor is assembled by hand in Italy and individually calibrated to ensure consistently optimized performance from unit to unit. To top it all off, each speaker comes with four isolation pods to reduce mechanical coupling and vibration transfer. Whether it's time to upgrade your stereo mains, expand into surround sound or go fully immersive, IK Multimedia's iLoud Precision Series represents a hard-to-beat combination of performance, style and value.

Two-way active studio monitor with two 5" ultralight coated paper mid-woofers and 1.5" chambered textile dome tweeter featuring 45 Hz - 30 kHz frequency response, and linear phase and time coherent sound. Handcrafted in Italy, the IK Multimedia iLoud Precision MTM is a breakthrough in nearfield monitoring. It combines state-of-the-art DSP with a superior electro-acoustic system, a combination only possible with IK's unique 25 plus years' expertise in both loudspeaker design and digital signal processing. This advanced processing, combined with custom power amplifiers, delivers true phase and time coherence, an ultra-linear frequency response and extended low end. Enjoy a new level of audio accuracy, detail and performance from your studio monitors. iLoud Precision also offers class-defying flexibility as well. With built-in ARC room calibration and included measurement microphone, iLoud Precision instantly adapts and performs its best in any environment. iLoud Precision includes X-MONITOR: an advanced control application for Mac and Windows. X-MONITOR allows for extended acoustic space setups, assists with the ARC calibration, displays before/after in-room frequency responses, and switches among various virtual monitoring voices to emulate the most iconic studio monitors of all time, letting you audition your mix on different reference systems with just one pair of speakers. iLoud Precision's LED-enabled rear controls allow quick and easy setup in any situation, from project studio to live console to immersive audio rig. Each comes with 4 high-performance isolation pods to tame the propagation of unwanted vibration and resonance to the supporting surface, plus an optional hardware remote control to quickly switch between 4 voicing options or other handy functions like ARC on-off, mute or dim directly from the mix position. Each iLoud Precision is handcrafted in Italy and individually calibrated to exact specifications during the quality control phase to ensure perfect unit-to-unit consistency. Every single monitor is truly a sonic work of art, engineered to perfection.

IK Multimedia MON-PRECISION-MTM-IN 5" Monitor Features:

    • DSP-controlled acoustic system with 96 kHz internal processing.
    • Coherent time response across the audio spectrum.
    • Built-in ARC room correction.
    • Includes measurement microphone.
    • Advanced acoustic space settings.
    • Includes X-MONITOR control software for extended setup, custom EQ voicing and reference monitor emulation.
    • Proprietary Class-D power amplifiers.
    • 175 W total RMS power.
    • Extended frequency response 45 Hz - 30k Hz ±1 dB.
    • Linear phase response ±20° from 150 Hz up.
    • 37 Hz low frequency extension at -4 dB.
    • Individually calibrated for <0.5 dB unit-to-unit sensitivity consistency.
    • Includes 4 high-performance isolation pods.

IK Multimedia MON-PRECISION-MTM-IN Product Specifications:

Volume control
Acoustic space and Calibration controls
Switchable low-frequency extension at Full/35/50/65/80 Hz
Acoustic space controls
Optional hardware remote control with completely assignable functions for switching voices and more

WIDTH 7.3 in
DEPTH 11.4 in
HEIGHT 18 in
DRIVER_SIZES LF: Two 5" ultralight coated paper mid-woofers;
HF: 1.5" chambered textile dome tweeter

Each MON-PRECISION-MTM-IN Retail Box Includes:

(1) IK Multimedia MON-PRECISION-MTM-IN Hand-Crafted 5" MTM Reference Monitor with Room Correction and Monitor Emulation
(4) High-performance isolation pods

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