IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop Ultra-Portable 32 Capacitive-Key Desktop Keyboard Synthesizer


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UNO Synth Pro takes the groundbreaking UNO Synth monophonic analog synthesizer and expands it in nearly every section: more oscillators, more filters, more sequencer memory, more effects, more presets, more connections and more programmability. Its unique dual-filter, 3-oscillator paraphonic design lets it create virtually any synth sound you can imagine, and with 256 presets, a new 64-step sequencer and expanded CV/Gate and audio connections, you'll quickly find it's the ideal creation station for any outboard rig. UNO Synth Pro gives you the power to create nearly any analog synth sound you can imagine. With its unique dual-filter, 3-oscillator paraphonic design, 256 presets, 64-step sequencer, studio-grade effects, expanded connections and much more, UNO Synth Pro breaks new ground for music makers. Available in two form factors to suit all players' needs-stage-ready with metal housing and premium keybed; or ultra-portable, USB-powered with capacitive keyboard-UNO Synth Pro offers everyone the next generation of analog sound design in a smart format that fits any space or budget.
  • Huge real analog sound: 3 continuously variable waveshape oscillators with PWM, synch, FM and ring modulation.
  • Dual filter design: a new SSI filter plus the original UNO Synth filter for 24 possible modes, including serial and parallel routing.
  • Massive sonic flexibility: full ADSR envelopes + LFOs and modulation matrix.
  • Powerful control: 256 User-editable presets, onboard arpeggiator and 64-step sequencer with automation.
  • Onboard effects: 12 studio-quality effects in 3 simultaneous slots: modulation, delay and reverb, plus true-analog overdrive.
  • Advanced connectivity: noiseless balanced outs; USB, MIDI and CV/Gate I/O; plus audio input to filters, effects or outputs.
3 analog oscillators offer continuously variable waveshape, including pulse-width modulation. Oscillators can be hard-synced for more harmonically-complex tones, and oscillator FM (frequency modulation) lets you shape everything from bell-like sounds to screaming industrial tones. UNO Synth Pro even includes ring modulation for wobbly, sci-fi sound, and a white noise generator for a wide range of percussive sounds and epic rises. Recreate famous synth sound sources or forge entirely new ones - UNO Synth Pro has the tools you need. In addition to the original UNO Synth's 2-pole OTA multimode filter, UNO Synth Pro adds a new 2/4-pole SSI LP filter with self-oscillation. The dual filters can be used in series or parallel, with invertible phase, for a total of 24 possible filter combinations. In short, the UNO Synth Pro can recreate the filter sound of the most famous classic synths as well as deliver fresh new options to the limits of your imagination. UNO Synth Pro offers 2 full ADSR envelopes, one dedicated to the filter and the other to amplitude, with both available as sources to modulate everything from oscillator pitch and waveshape to LFO speed or even other envelope stages. 2 LFOs (low-frequency oscillators) can create classic synth vibrato, wah and tremolo as well as do more complex modulations including audio range FM. And a 16-slot modulation matrix makes routing all these a breeze.

You can quickly and easily design even the most sophisticated modulation scheme, with both internal and external sources, including MIDI controllers. IK's experience in modeling analog studio effects is decades long. For UNO Synth Pro, you'll find a super warm and organic true-analog overdrive, plus 12 studio-quality effects in three simultaneous slots: modulation, delay and reverb. External signals can also be routed through these effects, with pre-effects filtering for maximum flexibility. UNO Synth Pro provides an enhanced version of the original's long-lasting capacitance-sensing keys along with pitch and mod strips for enhanced expression. And it adds firm-touch rubber pads for the control sections, plus LED-backlit indicators and an LED display for key information, making it easier than ever to use UNO Synth Pro live on stage or in deep programming sessions in the studio. UNO Synth Pro offers 256 user-editable presets, each capturing the full state of the sound engine from oscillators to effects. An onboard 64-step sequencer offers both step and real-time recording, with automation for up to 40 parameters, letting you create incredibly intricate and evolving soundscapes. You can even write CV and gate automation. And a 10-mode arpeggiator makes it easy to create intricate patterns and runs plus a new "chord mode" that takes advantage of UNO Synth Pro's paraphonic design. UNO Synth Pro offers two noiseless, balanced stereo outputs as well as headphone out, for superior audio quality in any situation. USB and 5-pin DIN MIDI In and Out make it easy to integrate with other synths, Mac/PC and mobile devices, and its assignable CV/Gate connections lets UNO Synth Pro interact effortlessly with your Eurorack or other modular system. And now, audio input allows access to the filter and FX section for external signals, in addition to the original thru-put for daisy-chaining multiple units together without using a mixer.

UNO Synth Pro Editor: Next generation analog unleashed

Ready to release the full power of UNO Synth Pro? Now you can. The UNO Synth Pro Editor is here to give you access to all the parameters under the hood. While the Editor does not generate sound on its own, it will free how you work with UNO Synth Pro hardware, harnessing the power of your Mac/PC to easily create, save and manage presets. UNO Synth Pro Editor requires UNO Synth Pro with firmware version 2.0.0 or later. Use the IK Product Manager to download the UNO Synth Pro Editor for Mac/PC and firmware updater. The Editor works as both a standalone application and as a plug-in inside your favorite DAW. This means you can program and play the UNO Synth Pro just like a virtual instrument with total recall. Open the editor and it recalls its previous settings from the last session. And its freely resizable GUI allows you to adjust the window size to fit your workflow.

The Editor gives you access to many synthesis parameters of the UNO Synth Pro that are beyond its front panel controls: parameters that are only available via shortcuts or menu access are now right in front of you, in one intuitive interface. For the oscillators, the FM modulation and glide are shown in their relative sections. For the envelopes, you get instant access to the loop buttons, allowing the envelopes to work like complex LFOs and retrigger controls. In the filter section, you can now visually grasp the elegance and power of UNO Synth Pro’s filter section and experience freely its sound-shaping capabilities. Use the Editor like a soft synth or virtual instrument to instantly access any parameter of the UNO Synth Pro while retaining the pure, unmatched sound of real-analog circuits. UNO Synth Pro responds to parameter changes in the Editor and vice versa in real-time for effortless creativity.

The Editor also lets you manage a massive number of presets easily and transfer them between your Mac/PC and UNO Synth PRO. Quickly browse, audition and search a limitless number of presets. You can arrange presets into your own custom categories or sort by style, genre, date or setlist. Instantly add and re-order presets on UNO Synth Pro itself. Or save presets from your synth back to the Editor for later editing and use. When it’s time to perform, use the bulk transfer feature to move presets back and forth and prepare your UNO Synth Pro quickly for the show. The Editor makes it a breeze to precisely configure UNO Synth Pro for integration into your existing rig. The Global Settings menu provides a convenient way to map MIDI routings, letting you easily assign communication across both the MIDI DIN ports and USB. Connect outboard gear and virtual apps instantly. And use UNO Synth Pro as both a MIDI interface and MIDI controller. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a powerful plug-in, but with the massive sound of a real analog synthesizer. With UNO Synth Pro Editor, you can take your music production to the next level, creating exciting sounds faster than you ever imagined.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop 32 Key Synthesizer Features:

  • Ultra-portable 32 capacitive-key desktop.
  • Powered by USB.
  • Made in Italy.
  • 3 discrete oscillators plus noise generator.
  • Pulse-width modulation and hard sync.
  • Continuously variable wave shape.
  • FM and ring modulation.
  • 3 voice paraphony.
  • Dual state variable filters with 24 modes.
  • New SSI-based 2/4-pole filter with self-oscillation.
  • Original UNO Synth OTA 2-pole multimode filter.
  • Series and parallel configuration.
  • 16-slot modulation matrix.
  • 256 User-editable presets.
  • 64-step sequencer with 80+ parameters.
  • 10-mode onboard arpeggiator.
  • 12 studio-quality FX in 3 slots.
  • Reverbs, Delays, Modulations.
  • Analog drive circuit.
  • 2 x CV / Gate input & output.
  • Balanced stereo & headphone outs.
  • 5-pin and USB MIDI I/O.
  • Audio input to filters, FX, or pass-through.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop Product Specifications:
First-class analog sound:
3 discrete wave-morphing oscillators
PWM, sync, FM and ring modulation
Dual state variable filters with 24 modes
Original UNO Synth OTA filter
New SSI-based filter with self-oscillation
16-slot modulation matrix

Cutting-edge features:
256 user-editable presets
12 studio-quality FX in 3 slots
Reverbs, Delays, Modulations
64-step sequencer with 84 parameters
10-mode onboard arpeggiator
USB / MIDI / CV / Gate in/out
Audio input to filters, FX or pass-through

For everyone:
Available in two form factors
UNO Synth Pro
Compact, stage-ready 37-key keyboard
Fatar synth-action keys with aftertouch
UNO Synth Pro Desktop
Ultra-portable 32 capacitive-key tabletop
Powered by USB or powerbank

Presets / Programming256
Sound paletteBass, Lead, Drone, FX, Pads, Sequences
Form factorTabletop module
KeyboardMultitouch / Capsense key
VelocityYes (via MIDI)
AftertouchYes (via MIDI)
Keyboard Range/Type32 multitouch
On-board controls (excluding keyboard)50
Sequencer64 Steps
Sequencer RecordingStep edit, Realtime
Sequencer Parameters recording+80
Arpeggiator Modes10
Arpeggiator Range4 octaves
Keyboard ScaleChromatic + 13 Scales
Number of Filters2
Filters Type2 Pole OTA HPF/LPF and 2/4 Pole SSI LPF
Filter Modes24
Oscillator per Voice3
Oscillators Selection3 Waveform Shaper (one for each OSC)
Oscillators WaveformsSaw, Triangle, Pulse with PWM
Envelopes2 ADSR
Looping EnvelopesYes
Modulations2 LFO with Saw, Square, Triangle and Sine, random and sample and hold
Modulation DestinationModulation matrix with 16 possible combination between all voice elements
Audio FX3 Slots of Digital FX: Reverb, Delay and Modulation + analog DRIVE. 13 FX total.
Performance FXDigital FX - Sequencer FX - CV Patching- Mod and pitch wheel
TuningAuto Tuning Digital Calibration
USB AudioNo
SyncInternal/External - MIDI/USB
PowerUSB Power
Power Supply includedNo
Audio Outputs2x 1/4" TS, Headphone-Out 1/8" TRS
Audio Inputs1 x 1/8" TRS
Audio In UsesDaisy Chain and Filter and FX
CV RoutingSelectable
MIDI ImplementationAll parameters by CC, adding full ADSR and PWM modulation - Preset by PC - Clock
SIZE (W x D x H)25 x 14 x 5 cm, 9.84 x 5.5 x 1.96 in.
Weight700 g, 1.54 lb

Each UNO Synth Pro Desktop Retail Box Includes:
(1) IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop Ultra-Portable 32 Capacitive-Key Desktop Keyboard Synthesizer
(1) Micro USB to USB Cable

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