Froggy's Flakes SC-LL-C16 Long Lasting Snow Juice Concentrate - 1 Gallon (Makes 16 Gallons | 50-75 Feet Float/Drop)


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Long lasting snow juice concentrate - Froggys Flakes (75+ Feet Float / Drop) Blizzard Formula. Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available on the market today. Froggys Flakes have been seen on national TV at the CMA Awards 2010. Industry Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting. Snow will be economical by virtue of being thicker, whiter and longer lasting. Makes a superior flake, dry and fluffy. Not harmful to plants, skin or eyes, and safe for kids. High Quality fluid creats an extremely dry flake that floats over long distances. Water content evaporates leaving a beautiful falling flake that lingers on the ground after falling.

Froggy's Flakes SC-LL-C16 Snow Juice Concentrate Features:

  • 8oz Concentrate Bottle yields 1 Gallon of Mixed Fluid, 1 Gallon Concentrate yield 16 Gal. Mixed Fluid.
  • 75+ Feet of Travel Before Evaporating.
  • High Quality, High Volume, Non-Staining, Non-Toxic.
  • The perfect snowflake for blizzard looking conditions.
  • Not harmful to plants, skin or eyes.
  • Safe for kids.

Froggy's Flakes SC-LL-C16 Product Specifications:

Froggy's Fog uses exclusively FDA approved chemicals in all of their fluids.
Not Harmful for plants, pets, or people.

Long Distance:
These lightweight flakes are great at floating in the air for long distances.
Great for creating those magical snow effects.

High Output:
Formulated to give you the most snow per ounce of fluid.
When paired with Froggy's snow machines, you can produce blizzard-like effects.

Multiple Applications:
This snow fluid is great for a wide range of applications.
Create a beautiful winter wonderland indoors or out, set the perfect mood for a play or movie, or have an unknown substance touching customers' skin in your haunted attraction.

No-Slip Formula:
These flakes are extremely dry, therefore water content will not be making surfaces slippery.
Safer than real snow.

Each SC-LL-C16 Retail Box Includes:

(1) 1 Gallon Bottle of Froggy's Flakes SC-LL-C16 Long Lasting Snow Juice Concentrate

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