DJ Controllers

    DJ controllers are a smart alternative for traveling performers. They’re smaller than the average turntable or CDJ setup, connect directly to your computer, and offer extra effects that add personality to your mix. At I DJ Now, we carry a diverse selection of DJ controller packages from Pioneer, Native Instruments, Numark, and more. Don’t listen to the purists — today’s DJ controllers offer pristine audio quality and serious control. Not sure which controller has enough mixer channels for your needs? Our passionate team is here to help. To learn more about our DJ controller packages, chat with us live, call (800) 355-7746, or visit our showrooms for a demonstration.

    Looking for the right setup to get you started? We have what you need with our DJ Equipment Packages!

    Be sure to check out our dj controllers from brands such as Pioneer DJ,Numark, and Denon DJ.
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