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Brian Velasquez
N.A.M.E. Sales Representative
(631) 449-7734

Brett Baehr
N.A.M.E. Sales Representative
(631) 239-7750

Fernando Sancho
N.A.M.E. Sales Representative
(631) 449-7232

Welcome N.A.M.E. Members:

We’re glad you’re here. At I DJ NOW, you’ll find we’re focused clearly on you, the Mobile Entertainer.

Here’s the Deal.

As members of The National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.), you are entitled to special discounts on products and services purchased with I DJ NOW.

We get it!

We understand what it takes to perform as a LIVE Mobile Entertainer. We're familiar with the products used in the industry and can surely assist in guiding you through the right solutions for your needs. Even better, we can steer you away from those that aren't up to par.

Time is always of the essence.

It’s not uncommon for us to receive last minute shipment requests or calls to have rental gear ready to go as soon as you walk into our stores. We understand and you can count on us to deliver. Orders received by 3pm EST will ship the same business day.

Thank you again for choosing I DJ NOW, as always...GEAR UP.


Our New York Showrooms   

Babylon, NY – Showroom
631 321 1700

Queens, NY Showroom
718 762 0100

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