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Enhance the atmosphere at your next gig and earn more too.

Our Instant LED Up Light Package will help you achieve these goals.


Earn More & Look Professional:

Your audience is looking for that “wow” factor. This complete LED Up lighting package will not only set you apart form the rest, it will instantly create a pro atmosphere that will be sure to impress. If you’re using this as part of your entertainment offerings you’ll find that you can earn more per booking as well.

 Our Instant LED Up Light 4 Pack allows you to instantly wash walls, light the stage, and highlight architecture at any venue. This package includes all you need to get started uplighting or stage washing at your next gig.  




Each of these low profile heads have 108 10mm LEDs (26 Red, 45 Green, 36 Blue) & 1 Powerful 3 watt UV LED. Yes, Ultra Violet too. The UV creates a “glow in the dark” experience when hitting certain objects. The brightness of each unit will wash far up standard banquet hall walls brilliantly highlighting the focused areas. Don’t worry about overloading power either, these draw only 14 watts max. The beam angle is a full 30 degrees for a narrow throw.


Incredible Features:

The system has 5 operational modes, from “all on one solid color”, to slow and smooth sweeping color changes, to strobe, and sound active.

If you’re familiar with DMX, which is a protocol where you can take full control, this system is fully DMX compatible. If not, you can easily operate the system with a wireless remote control. Also, no need to worry about pictures or videos as these LED Up lights are Flicker Free, which means pictures and videos won’t be affected.



 Easy setup:

  1. Connect uplights together with the power and linking cables.
  2. Choose the colors you want on the rear of each unit.
  3. Let them go.



Easy to power:

Each LED Up light head sits flat on the ground with in and out (IEC) power connections. This means you can plug one into an electric outlet and continue powering each one linking one to the next one.



The Package:

The package includes (4) super bright Red, Green, Blue, plus UV colored LED uplights that are easy to connect and operate. Dual swivel mounting brackets can connect easily to each unit if you would like to hang them or tilt them on the ground. Plus, you’ll get 3 (6ft) connecting cables and a Free soft carry case included for a limited time. This package comes complete with everything you need to get started today. So why not make this season your best so far by adding this great package to your next gig or venue.

Complete System

Our Instant Uplight Package Has all you need to get started.


FX 1 


FX 2 


Mega Flat Pack Shots



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