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Wedding Tip

November 6, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

An easy wedding tip for any engaged couple looking at venues and DJ’s for their wedding would be to always ask the DJ for an example of what their DJ booth set up looks like. […]

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Homecoming Set Ups

October 25, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Homecoming set ups are almost as important as prom in some high schools. It is a big event, for not just the school and its students, but the communities as well. Homecoming, is an annual […]

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Tent Lighting

October 22, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Tent lighting is really the dream. Party tents are blank canvases that can be lit anyway the DJ see fit for the event. Lighting in general, really is capable of transforming a space. It sets […]

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Holiday Parties

October 19, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Holiday parties are a given during the holiday season. Whether it be friends, family, or work related, almost everyone is invited to them, or throws them. Holiday parties bring together those you care about, and […]

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Vizi Hybrid 16RX Set Up

October 15, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Vizi Hybrid 16RX set up is a crowd pleaser. It is a true spot/beam/wash hybrid moving head fixture. And offers plenty of professional features. It offers a powerful output, an even spot field, and is […]

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Indoor Fireworks

October 8, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Indoor fireworks is one way to enhance an event. They can add the wow factor, whether it be using them during grand entrances, special dances, or through out the course of the event. Guests will […]

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Office Set Ups

October 1, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Office set ups are essentially another home. Whether you are a DJ or not, a lot of time gets spent in some sort of an office space. It is important to have the space set […]

For The Pros

Dancing on a cloud

September 28, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Dancing on a cloud for your first dance as husband and wife seems like a dream, or something that only happens in fairytales. This will bring the wow factor to any party. This is achiveable […]

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The Power of Uplighting

September 24, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

The power of Uplighting is truly incredible. Uplighting gives you the freedom to temporarily transform the venue space. It brings a wow factor to any type of party of event. It gives a unique, and […]

Gigs and Rigs

Inflatable Photo Booth

September 21, 2018 Christina Menendez 0

Inflatable photo booth? You read that right. This is a new spin on regualr photo booths. The booth is able to not only take the pictures, but it can also print out 2×6 high quality […]

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