Product Spotlight: Magma Cases & Bags Provide Vital DJ Protection

When jet-setting around the world, DJs need to know that their gear will arrive in one piece. As a traveling performer, a professional DJ’s livelihood is their record collection, laptop, controllers, and other equipment. When a rare 12” shatters or a favorite controller won’t power on, it can have a seriously negative effect on the show. That’s where high-grade DJ cases and bags come in. At IDJNow, we’re huge fans of Magma — a German brand that has spent more than a decade crafting rugged carry-ons for DJs. Built with high-grade materials like Durashock foam and waterproof Tarpaulin, these DJ cases are built for heavy use. Whether you need a thick case to transport valuable gear on the subway, or a roller bag for international flights, Magma bags cover the entire spectrum of DJ lifestyles. Below, we’ve showcased a few of our favorite Magma products.


Magma CTRL Case DDJ-SR


Molded from Durashock foam and polyester, this CTRL Case is tailor-made for Pioneer’s DDJ-SR. The all-in-one DJ controller is built to work effortlessly with Serato, allowing DJs to cue digital tracks via the jog wheels, performance pads, and other effects. Although the DDJ-SR isn’t the most portable option on the market, Magma cases like the CTRL make it much easier to travel. First, the foam and polyester exterior is weather-resistant, allowing you to walk in light rain and snow without worrying about the gear. With a strong zipper and carrying handles, the case isn’t going to break — even after months of heavy touring. An included foam kit also allows DJs to stow smaller equipment in the case, while shielding knobs and sliders from unexpected turbulence.


Magma Riot LP Trolley 50 Record Bag


There’s no getting around it: all turntable DJs need a real record bag. Vinyl is heavy and hard to pack, but the Riot LP Trolley bag allows DJs to stash up to 50 records like luggage (with precision wheels and an extendable handle). Protected with waterproof Tarpaulin on the exterior and fleece padding on the interior, the bag chauffeurs records without any hassle. Getting on a flight is painless, since the bag’s dimensions are compatible with airline regulations for carry-ons. If you don’t want to roll the bag to your destination, Magma has also included a comfortable shoulder strap and handles for carrying your precious records. For the serious DJ, 50 carefully chosen 12” singles — along with some extra space for 45s — will be more than enough to build a stellar set.


Magma Multi-Purpose Studio/Gig-Bag 25


Specialty Magma bags are excellent for transporting one coveted item, but what about the laptop, drum machine, cables, and additional effects you need to bring along? Among DJ bags, the Multi-Purpose Studio/Gig-Bag 25 stands out for its versatility and enormous amount of space. Designed with one extra-large front pocket and two side pockets, you can isolate big equipment and prevent jostling in transit. Unlike the other DJ bags in this spotlight, the Multi-Purpose is built like a normal backpack, but its fleece padding and detachable dividers are catered for traveling performers. Whether you’re a DJ, live musician, and/or recording enthusiast, there’s plenty to love about this water-resistant bag.


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