Haunted House Party: DJ Effects for a Halloween-Themed Event

On Halloween, everyone dresses up in outrageous costumes, piles into their favorite nightclubs, and dances to spooky music, so it can be a particularly fun night for DJs. Although the festivities allow you to be more playful with the music selection — “Monster Mash” doesn’t really work on other nights, for example — there’s also an expectation that the party will have a distinct Halloween vibe. That means you can’t slack off with the creepy decorations, Halloween lighting effects, or the fog machine. To help set the mood, we’ve showcased a few of the best (and scariest) Halloween DJ effects on the market.

I DJ Now Halloween Blacklight & Fog Machine Package 3:


For DJs uninitiated with All Hallows’ Eve, IDJNow has put together some packages that cover the entire Halloween experience. The #3 package includes a fog machine, two LED strobe lights, two blacklights, and a portable skull speaker. First, fog machines are essential for a killer Halloween party, since they obscure the dancefloor and refract light in a mesmerizing way. For rhythmic flashes that evolve with the music, strobe lights like the included Xstatic X-702M are an incredibly bright tool. Turning them on at key moments in a DJ set can help accentuate the beat and release pent-up energy.

Meanwhile, the Chauvet DJ 18” blacklights will make clothing glow in a dark club environment, tweaking the audience’s perception of color. Finally, you can’t host a real Halloween party without a creepy skull somewhere. The Skull Speaker combines a portable MP3 player, powerful stereo speakers, and glowing LED eyes in a gleefully morbid design. When combined, these Halloween DJ effects will make for a killer night.


Xstatic X-703 Mansion 120 Strobe Light:


If you’re simply in the market for Halloween lighting effects, the X-703 strobe from Xstatic can bring vibrant colors to the dancefloor. Using minimal power, the 36 red, 32 green, and 44 blue LEDs can blend together to achieve a wide array of colors. When you drop “Thriller” at the peak moment of your DJ set, the strobe activates via manual control or its built-in microphone, which responds to sound in the environment. For a moody finish to the Michael Jackson’s classic, just switch the strobe’s color scheme to blood red when Vincent Price cackles at the end of the song.



American DJ Mister Kool Fog Machine:


Not all fog machines are created equal. Some belch smoke that disappears in a few moments, leaving dancers underwhelmed; others fill the entire room with such a thick haze that it seems like a fire hazard. With the addition of plain ice cubes, American DJ’s Mister Kool machine creates a low-hanging fog effect that makes the dancefloor look like a spooky bog. Instead of getting a lungful of fog, dancers can just enjoy the creepy vibe and DJs can focus on the music.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.12.35 AM


Master Fog Code 6 Extremely Long Lasting Fog Fluid:


Of course, party planners need to bring enough juice to power the fog machine all night. Made in the US, Master Fog’s Code 6 fluid creates thick plumes that hang in the air for up to two hours, which is much longer than any other fog fluid. For larger venues, Code 6 will help ease the strain on your fog machine, while also producing chemical-free fog that doesn’t stink up the party.

For all of your Halloween Effect equipment, check out our selection here!


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