Gold Standard: The Best of Pioneer’s Limited-Edition DJ Equipment

When DJing professionally, good-looking gear doesn’t count as much as great music selection, but it doesn’t hurt either — especially when that gear comes in gold. Pioneer has been crafting quality DJ equipment for decades, but this limited line of gold products makes quite a statement. Aimed at a luxury nightclub or swank bachelor pad, the Pioneer gold products include a set of classic turntables, a Serato-ready battle mixer, and high-grade DJ headphones.


Though these gold-plated decks aren’t the most affordable DJ tools on the market, they’re also not supposed to be. Pioneer is only producing 1,000 gold turntables and mixers, so owning the set is like having a collectible art piece; one you can spin your favorite house records on. On the other hand, the HDJ-1500-N Gold Professional DJ Headphones will only set you back $157.00, which is within the reach of any aspiring DJ. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the features that make Pioneer gold products shine.

HDJ-1500-N Gold Professional DJ Headphones:


Just like the other HDJ-1500 models, the gold-colored edition offers punchy audio in a comfortable package, which is exactly what you need in a DJ headphone. Using large drivers and 38µ-thick diaphragms, the HDJ-1500-N’s design creates a clear sound and incredible bass response, allowing you to easily cue up the next track. Hearing the bass frequencies in a loud club is extremely important for DJs, since you usually need to sync the kick or snare sounds before mixing into the next record.


As for comfort, this headphone boasts memory-foam urethane ear pads, which adapt to your head’s shape and feel great to wear for hours at a time. They’re also effective at cancelling outside noise, so you can audition potential tracks and not strain to hear them. If you’re more of an open-ear headphone kind of person, the included cans are simple to change out. Finally, the magnesium alloy construction gives you 45º of swivel and 180º of vertical motion, so you can get into your best “I’m a serious DJ” one-ear listening stance.

PLX-1000-N Turntables & DJM-S9-N Serato Battle Mixer In Gold:


Packaged as a complete setup, this gold-plated beauty is for DJs with class and flashy taste. First, the PLX-1000-N Turntable gives you the same sound quality and dependability as a standard PLX-1000, only with a Midas touch. Every major component on the turntable — including the crossfader, tone arm, and channel fader knobs — is accented with real gold. Designed as a modern answer to the classic Technics 1200 series, the PLX-1000-N Turntable offers direct-drive speed and accuracy, with all of the essential mixing functions needed to seduce a huge party.


You’ll probably want to set the turntables up in battle mode (i.e. vertically, with the tone arms on top), since this package includes a DJM-S9-N Serato Battle Mixer, also in stunning gold. With two USB sound cards, plug-and-play compatibility with the Serato DJ software, and 16 colorful performance pads, this is an extremely powerful mixer. Having the USB sound cards allows you to battle another DJ or add a CDJ setup, all using the same mixer.

If you’re running Serato on a laptop, they’ve also included a pair of gold control vinyl, so you can load up obscure digital tracks and cue them on the turntables. Just hold off on buying that gold-plated smartphone — the DJM-S9-N Serato Battle Mixer and PLX-1000-N Turntables are a much more satisfying way to spend the cash.


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