Global Truss DJ Table With Lifter System & Lighting Bar

The fast and easy way to set up your DJ booth

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Is getting your set up too much of a hassle between the table, facade and lighting stands? Global Truss understands and has made it easier for DJs like you to get it all in one convenient product. The DT-DJ Pro is a portable folding DJ table, complete with a facade and lighting stands. Includes black heavy duty lycra cover.




The lighting stands themselves start at 5.19ft and can crank up to 8.76ft with a weight capacity of 88 pounds across a 6.56ft bar.


It’s not just about what it can do, but how easy it can do it!



Unfold the panels and set the table up.



Slide the lighting posts in, attach the cross bar and crank up to your desired height (8.76 ft at extended height!).



Easily remove the cranks when you’re done!


A detailed set up instruction:



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