Straight from NAMM: 5 of the Newest Lighting Products from Chauvet

Chauvet 6Spot Quad IRC

Every winter, the music industry converges at the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny Southern California for the National Association of Music Merchants (or NAMM). It’s an exciting time for companies to unveil secret products, showcase any updates to their classic gear, and give folks a chance to play with the new merchandise. Row after row of drum machines, DJ equipment, synthesizers, and stage accessories are packed into these cavernous rooms, making it extremely easy to get lost. Luckily, we’ve gathered some valuable info on the latest Chauvet lighting equipment and selected our top five offerings for 2015. This year, the American company has been upping its game with high-powered wireless lights, moving fixtures, Totem mode, and much more. All of these products are currently available for preorder and will be shipping in the coming months — take a look at what’s new from Chauvet:

  1. 6SPOT Quad IRC:

Chauvet 6Spot Quad IRC

First, the adaptable 6SPOT lighting rig sports 6 LED fixtures, which can be mounted on the stage or an optional tripod stand. These moving lights come in 4 vivid hues — red, green, blue, and white — with the capability for wireless control via an IRC-6 remote. This all-in-one setup is powerful enough to command a small club or DIY space, and it’s portable enough to carry on the road with an included travel bag. The Chauvet lighting system’s built-in, automated options can either sync up with the percussion or give you full creative control.

  1. Intimidator Spot Duo 150:


This compact, two-light unit comes pre-mounted on a single bar, but also has the ability to attach to a tripod. Both of the Intimidator lighting fixtures are fully mobile — with horizontal and vertical movement — and can be paired up with another Duo for a synchronized performance. Depending on the scenario, the two lights can easily be dimmed or placed in strobe mode, enabling a wide range of effects possibilities. The entire unit only weighs in at 18.6 pounds, so travelling DJs can add it to their arsenal without worrying too much about baggage limits.


  1. Intimidator Spot 255 IRC:


For those performers looking for one powerful light that can do it all, the Intimidator Spot 255 presents cutting-edge technology in a tiny footprint. New from Chauvet, the 255’s Totem mode ensures that light will always be focused on the crowd and not blinding your vision. On the rear of the unit, there’s a color LCD display to cue up preprogrammed scenes and decide exactly how you want the lights to behave. The non-DMX system allows you to control the 255 wirelessly with an IRC remote, so the colors, speed, motion, and strobe are all at your fingertips. Finally, you can get even more mileage out of the 255 by splitting the beam into a 3-pronged prism effect, which widens the light’s dancefloor coverage.


  1. SlimBEAM Quad IRC:


This smaller device is perfect for subtle mood lighting or complimentary effects. The SlimBEAM has no moving parts, so it doesn’t produce sound while running, which makes the unit ideal for laid-back soirees and cocktail parties. Like other Chauvet products on the list, this 5-pound lighting accessory runs on the IRC platform so all of the features can be controlled using a wireless remote. For the DMX faithful, there’s also a handy DMX output on the side of the unit.


  1. Mini Kinta IRC:


Finally, the highly affordable Mini Kinta gives you the power to project 48 simultaneous beams of light onto the crowd, just as peak time dancing gets underway. The Kinta really is tiny — weighing in at just 3.4 pounds, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that this product was built from shoddy plastic parts. However, the sturdy metal frame should withstand the most unpredictable gig, letting you and your lighting technician stay focused on the performance.


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