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Idjnow products are a mainstay in fitness clubs and health centers around the country.  Among the many audio products suitable for these types of establishments are headset microphones.  Headset microphones are a must have for your instructors.  They are an invaluable tool that combines voice amplification with increased mobility. 

An especially popular headset microphone model is the Samson Wireless Aerobic and Fitness Headset Mic.  Also known as the Airline77, this headset microphone requires no beltpack and no cables.  Instructors can perform their routines in complete freedom. 

Another great benefit of this Samson headset microphone is that it is designed to go around the back of the head rather than over the top.  This allows the transmitter to be attached directly to the headband, out of the way and completely unobtrusive. 

Of course idjnow offers many other options as well.  Click here for our complete selection of headset microphones.

Speaker Systems for Fitness and Health Clubs

Pump up the volume at your health club with clear, crisp sounding speaker systems from idjnow.  We carry the most renowned brands in the industry, including Gemini, American DJ, Crest Audio, JBL and many more. 

Idjnow has also put together our own great speaker system packages that are all perfectly matched and offer an incredible value.  Our SoundPack 400 is one such system.   Featuring two speakers, 15” woofers and a 1 x 300 total watt amplifier, the SoundPack 400 is the ideal size and sound power for health and fitness clubs.  Click here for our entire selection of speaker systems.

CD Players: CD Players with Pitch Control, and CD / Cassette Combos

Don’t forget the most important part of your new sound system, check out our wide selection of CD Players. Featuring brand names such as Denon with the DNS5000 Single CD Player. If you’re looking for pitch control, look no further than the Vestax CDX16 Dual CD Player / Mixer Combo, which includes pitch control and a mixer built-in. Need a CD Player / Cassette Combo? Check out the Denon DN