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Speaker Wire

Speaker wire such as Proco’s speaker wire, in 50 or 25 foot lengths, are professional grade wire that deliver optimum performance and clarity between your audio components.  Speaker wire must be strong and durable, and with a 10 year warranty on all Proco wires, these cables fit the bill!  You can save a bundle too, so be sure to check out the bargains here for high quality speaker wire.

Video Cables

Video cables, from S- video to AV, idjnow has them all at great low prices.    Strong, high quality video cables are needed to bring any video effects to your performance and Hosa’s S- video cables with gold plated contacts delivers.  The extension cords available at idjnow are specially designed for the entertainment industry and are constructed to allow up to three items to be powered by a single cable.  This convenience is often overlooked but can be apparent on stage with multiple cables strung out along the set.

Speaker Cables

Speaker cables, video wires, and extension cords are just some of the many accessories needed to put on a great performance.  The little things, like cables, can go a long way to delivering a strong stage show.  In clubs it is important to keep mundane tasks like replacing tattered wires to a minimum, so getting quality merchandise from idjnow will lower long term maintenance costs increasing profits!

For more info on speaker and video cables, and other audio and video components, you can call 1-800-355-7746 or click here to email us.