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Light truss systems create the foundation for dynamic sound and lighting effects.  The entire lighting display is based on their position and light trusses are a fundamental part of a DJ’s stage display.  Light truss systems are ideal for creating permanent stage lighting or a universal light display for any venue.  Idjnow has trusses to create any truss system, and with the versatility of design available fantastic stage lighting displays are within your reach!

DJ Speaker Stands

DJ speaker stands are a must for both clubs and DJs.  DJs need portable speaker stands to reach large audiences, especially when the staging area is level or only slightly elevated  The ability to elevate speakers guarantees the sound will travel farther and clearer and reach a far wider audience.  Speaker stands are a must for DJs who cater to large venues, but are still important for smaller venues in bringing strong clear sound quality to the entire crowd.  The Ultimate Support Bag99D makes lugging multiple portable speaker stands much easier and helps in setting up and breaking down a set.

Portable Truss Systems

Portable truss systems are one of the most important parts of a DJ’s stage display. Abra’s Complete Truss System LTS31 is an excellent model for a basic portable foundation of any stage light display and is easily assembled.  Idjnow has a variety of tripod and truss bags available to make any truss system more portable and crank systems to keep lifting to a minimum. 

For more info on light truss systems, DJ speaker stands, and portable truss systems, you can call 1-800-355-7746 or click here to email us.