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Wireless microphones are the best way of getting your voice out to the audience while allowing you complete freedom of movement.  There’s a large variety for DJs to choose from with Shure microphones leading the way.  The Shure unidirectional SM57 microphone is a great choice for giving quality sound and minimizing feedback.  For that vintage look with great quality sound look no further than the classic Shure microphone, the 55SH-2.  The vintage look is sure to bring you back to the days when rock began but with a modern sound to keep a DJ’s voice crisp and clear.

Shure Microphones!

Shure microphones, both wired and wireless, offer the clearest sound with lightweight sleek designs and set the industry standard with their high quality performance.  The Shure Wireless Microphone System offered at idjnow brings together the best wireless microphones and receivers Shure has to offer and stands above the rest at the pinnacle of the wireless microphone market.  The Shure ULX1430 is another wireless microphone system featuring wireless headsets and receiver.  idjnow also offers a variety of other Shure microphones and products from wired headsets to microphone clips and screens.

DJ Microphones

DJ microphones at idjnow also include wired and wireless systems from Gemini, Samson, Behringer and others besides the Shure microphones detailed above.  DJs be sure to check out all the name brand microphones to find the exact microphone you need.  With all the great prices and free shipping DJs can get great bargains for professional microphone equipment fast and easy.

For more info on wireless microphones by Shure and other manufacturers, you can call 1-800-355-7746 or click here to email us.