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DJ Equipment and Stage Lighting Packages

DJ Stage Lighting – Professional Stage Lighting Equipment including Par Cans and Strobes

DJ Stage Lighting – DJ Equipment and Stage Lighting Packages

DJ equipment and stage lighting packages from all the major manufacturers are available for the lowest possible price at idjnow. DJs will find a huge selection of stage lighting equipment including mist panels, snow machines, mirror balls, strobes, and parts such as lighting clamps, safety cables, and refills. Enhance any stage performance with stunning visual effects using professional DJ lighting equipment. idjnow offers one stop shopping for all the equipment a DJ will need for a dazzling, high-impact stage lighting display.

DJ Stage Lighting – Professional Stage Lighting Equipment including Par Cans and Strobes

Get your professional stage lighting from idjnow and take advantage of our discounted prices.  Create instant club scenes using Shadow Dancing DVDs. Make your DJ experience unique with surreal effects combining fog and stage lighting.  Great DJ lighting displays can turn an ordinary performance into one to remember.  DJs can get great lighting effects out of a professional triple derby and at idjnow you can save yourself over a hundred bucks and even get free shipping!  The savings are enormous and every DJ should take advantage of these great prices on the best DJ lighting equipment available.

The savings continue with over $20 off a gallon of fog refill, or American DJ pro clamps.  You can save $80 on a stage setter, $150 on a color tube,  and $300 on a control center, and don't forget about the free shipping!  This high quality stage and lighting equipment will lend a more professional feel to any setting and save any prospective DJ a fortune in start up costs!

All products from parts to the equipment itself are discounted to help you create the best DJ experience possible.  From the stage to lighting, everything is here for you to put it all together.  The rest is up to you.